Government Legal Service – Work Placement Report, BLD Foundation

"On the 3rd of July 2017, I embarked on a one week work placement with some of my fellow BLD Foundation’s Legal Launch Pad delegates at the Government Legal Service. The week was extremely informative and engaging, and some of the highlights included visits to the Royal Courts of Justice and Houses of Parliament. Throughout, the week we received various talks from lawyers within the GLS and participated in a range of exercises designed to simulate the work government lawyers deal with on a daily basis. It was great to listen to lawyers at the GLS, who spoke highly of the organisation and did an excellent job of highlighting the benefits of working in the public sector over private practice. The placement was a great experience and it was fantastic to explore a different branch of the legal sector, which has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the legal sector and the career choices I want to make in the future. I’d like to thank the BLD Foundation, for helping to organise the week and giving me the opportunity to work at and experience everything the Government Legal Service has to offer!"

Papi Boateng



"As an individual who has always had a vested interest in political and global affairs, I was incredibly excited to embark upon the GLS placement. Throughout the week we were able to speak to numerous lawyers and barristers that work for different government departments and were at different stages of their legal careers. The most refreshing aspect of the talks and panel sessions that were delivered was that the GLS employees were all very passionate about their job. Moreover, I appreciated their honesty about the real advantages and disadvantages of entering the legal profession as part of the public sector. I enjoyed the interactive sessions, particularly the one on the final day which involved drafting a parliamentary bill. The visits to the Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament were particularly interesting as I had never visited them before.

In regard to the social aspect of the placement, it was not only enjoyable to spend more time with fellow BLD Foundation candidates, but also to meet new people from different organisations and to have more opportunities to network. Thank you to the BLD Foundation for affording me the opportunity to do a placement with GLS, as the experience has definitely helped me determine what I want to do in my legal career."

Chloe Daley

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