Legal Launch Pad Training Session 2, and Baker McKenzie Insight Day – March 2017 

“..not only did it provide an opportunity for me to practice my oral presentation skills, but to envision myself having achieved my goals in becoming a corporate lawyer”.

Legal Launch Pad: Mock Interview Session at Barclays 2017

Want to know what a mock interview with Barclays is really like? Let our Legal Launch Pad participants tell you about their experiences. 




What does being a solicitor involve? How do I qualify as one? Is being a barrister completely and utterly impossible? Questions like these never fail to confuse the aspiring lawyer and I was tired of hearing contradictory “advice.” It was only the First Headstart Programme which shook the confusion out of my head and gave me the direction I needed.

Shadowing a Solicitor at Sidley Austin on the First Headstart Programme (August 2015) - What I Learnt & Why You Should Do the Same

We all know what a solicitor is but when asked what exactly a solicitor actually does ona day-to-day basis, it is hard not to be somewhat dumbfounded. This is why I found it so useful to have the opportunity to shadow a solicitor at renowned American law firm, Sidley Austin.

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